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What's going on in San Francisco?
Gee, Elizabeth has a lot of powers, doesn't she?


Things Elizabeth knew at the start of the campaign:

1. The generic term in Chicago for "supernatural being" is "kin." Another vampire is often referred to as a "cousin" or some other familial term. There's no particular rule for it, it's an informal code.

2. There are multiple "clans" or "courts" of vampires, but Gregor has not told her how many, or the names of any others. She knows she is part of the Black Rose.

3. The city vampires are ruled by a single, very old vampire, the Regent. She has not been introduced to him, or even told his name.

4.  A lot of supernatural activity is concentrated around South Chicago and adjacent districts. It's not the only place where kin can be found, but the main one.

5. Younger vampires are expected to feed in and near the Excalibur nightclub, and anywhere else their sire tells them they can feed.

6. Older vampires can be found in and near the Red Lion Pub. Gregor has discouraged Elizabeth from going there without his permission.


7.  Gregor says to be careful in live theaters. They are protected by fairies of the Court of Three Masks.

8. Daniel says several younger vampires live in the condos that were made from this mansion:


Second City

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